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Amazing teeth whitening

Enhance your look with a beautiful whiter smile

Amazing teeth whitening

Enhance your look with a beautiful whiter smile

Teeth Whitening in Finchley, North London

If you’re looking for stunning, affordable teeth whitening from a skilled and trusted dentist near you in Finchley, North London, our expert team can help.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and easy ways to improve the appearance of your smile. Under the guidance of our experienced dental team, you can carry out the treatment in the comfort of your own home using the excellent Poladay and Polanight whitening systems.    

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How much does teeth whitening cost?

We strive to offer high quality dentistry at affordable prices, and all our treatment costs are kept as competitive as possible in comparison to other dentists in the area.

Our prices for teeth whitening are listed below.

Treatment Cost (from)
Home teeth whitening

Our experienced teeth whitening team:

Dr Melissa Rosten

GDC No. 72237

Sharif Islam Dentist at Cavendish Dental in Finchley

Dr Sharif Islam

GDC No. 80236

Our superb cosmetic dentistry team is led by Practice Principal Dr Kevin Silver, and includes the highly-skilled Dr Melissa Rosten and Dr Sharif Islam, both of who have over 20 years dental experience.

They have extensive knowledge and expertise in whitening teeth and are able to achieve fantastic results for our patients.


Enjoy a brighter, whiter smile

Your smile is one of the first things that others notice about you, so teeth whitening is a treatment well worth investing in. Significantly improving the colour and shade of your teeth benefits your appearance and can give you a great boost in confidence as a result.

Teeth can naturally yellow or darken in shade over time. This discolouration is often accelerated due to certain foods and beverages, smoking, some medications or trauma.

Rectifying the problem is easier than ever though. Our professional home whitening kits are highly effective and can achieve stunning results. When used under the guidance and instruction of your dentist, they are completely safe and easy to use.

The advantages of Pola teeth whitening

Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening

How long will the results last?
This varies from patient to patient and can be influenced by factors such as oral hygiene and diet. The treatment is usually repeated every 6-12 months to maintain optimal levels.
Is teeth whitening treatment safe?

Yes, when carried out under the instruction of your dentist the treatment is completely safe.

Most people don’t experience any side-effects, though some temporary sensitivity can be felt in some cases. This shouldn’t last long and can be alleviated by shortening the length of time the trays are worn and by using desensitising gel.

Teeth whitening is not recommended during pregnancy.

How does Pola Day whitening work?

Pola Day is an ‘at home’ whitening system that requires wearing gel trays for just an hour per day. The treatment can deliver fantastic results and features a pH-neutral whitening formulation as well as fluoride to defend against sensitivity.

Two strengths are available, with the stronger formula able to achieve quicker results. Your dentist will advise you on suitability for your individual case.

At your first appointment, we will take impressions of your teeth so that your custom made trays can be created. These are then collected at your next appointment, along with the special whitening gel to be inserted into them.

The dentist will also give you clear guidance on how to use the system at home. The trays are then worn every day for a period usually between five and fourteen days.

What is Pola Night whitening?

Pola Night is a very similar ‘at home’ whitening system  but, as the name suggests, is designed to work while you sleep.

The gel trays are worn overnight until the desired shade is reached (up to 14 nights). The gel isn’t as strong as Pola Day to allow for the longer time the trays are worn in the night.

How can I judge if my teeth are getting whiter?
This can be difficult to assess at home, as the shade improves gradually day by day. We recommend taking photographs of your teeth at the start of treatment and then comparing these with photographs taken during and after treatment in the same light.

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