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Expert composite bonding

Reshaping teeth to improve your smile

Expert composite bonding

Reshaping teeth to improve your smile

Composite Bonding in Finchley, North London

If you’re looking for a highly-rated dental practice for stunning and affordable composite bonding in Finchley, North London, our experienced team can help.

We have the expertise to beautifully reshape chipped or misshapen teeth and get your smile looking its best. We also offer excellent composite dental veneers as a cost-effective alternative to porcelain.

Composite Bonding

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How much does composite bonding cost?

We strive to offer high quality dentistry at affordable prices, and all our treatment costs are kept as competitive as possible in comparison to other dentists in the area.

Our prices for composite bonding are listed below.

Treatment Cost (from)
Composite bonding

Our experienced composite bonding team includes:

Sharif Islam Dentist at Cavendish Dental in Finchley

Dr Sharif Islam

GDC No. 80236

Dr Melissa Rosten

GDC No. 72237

Kevin Silver Principal at Cavendish Dental in Finchley

Dr Kevin Silver

GDC No. 62080

Our highly-skilled composite bonding team includes Dr Sharif Islam and Dr Melissa Rosten, as well as our Principal Dentist Dr Kevin Silver. Together they have over 85 years combined experience in dentistry.

They are all skilled in working with composite bonding and are able to achieve great-looking results for our patients.


A great way to improve the shape of your teeth

If you have teeth that have been damaged or chipped, a cosmetic bonding procedure could be the best solution to repair the damage and restore your smile. This simple treatment may also be used for improving the shape and colour of unattractive teeth or for closing gaps and spaces between them.

If you’re considering dental veneers to improve the appearance of your smile, we can also create these from composite for a more affordable alternative to porcelain. Your dentist will talk you through the pros and cons of both options.

The advantages of composite bonding

A quick and simple process

Your dentist will first choose a composite resin colour that closely resembles your natural teeth. They will then prepare the tooth surface with special bonding agents.

The resin is moulded onto the tooth into the desired shape, and then set using a strong blue light for the final result.

We can also make a diagnostic wax model to show you the anticipated result.  This can even be transferred to your mouth temporarily to show you what can be achieved before we start.

Frequently asked questions about composite bonding

Is the procedure painful?
Composite bonding is usually pain-free since it only affects the tooth surface. An anaesthetic may be required for larger repairs or if a cavity is involved.
How long will the composite bonding process take?
It can take between 30 and 60 minutes to bond a tooth, and usually the process is completed in just one visit. However, if you have multiple teeth that need bonding, you may need to book a few more appointments.
Will I be able to do things like drive and work after my appointment?
Composite bonding is a simple, non-invasive process that won’t keep you from continuing with your daily routine (working or driving, for example) once the treatment is done.
What’s the best way to look after teeth that have been bonded?

Good daily care and dental check-ups are the best way to take care of your bonded teeth. You should brush your teeth twice daily, and floss between them regularly. We also recommend visiting our dental hygienist on a regular basis.

Keeping away from coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco can help preserve the colour of your recently bonded teeth.

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